Because anything else is just not enough

Dinning experiences

A Michelin star experience? A venue with a great vibe that turns into a night club? or perhaps a romantic dinner for two? Our specialists will take care of it, you just need to enjoy.


We all know how difficult is to choose the right gift for a special occasion, our specialist can tailor make those thoughtful presents and ensure they are delivered on time.

Tell us those dates that are so important but with such a busy schedule are easy to forget. Anniversaries, Birthdays, Name day, don’t be shy, let us not only remind you but be a part of the way you celebrate it too.

Just relax

The stress and the fast pace that we live on can affect our health and we all need a day of relax by the spa or a detox weekend away to break with the routine.

Dress to impress

Envision yourself in the perfect Dolce and Gabanna tux or that Ellie Saab gown that will outshine any other? We have the connections to put you in touch with the best Personal Shoppers around the globe who will make your vision become a reality.

Special services

From the perfect person to look after your pooch to the best wardrobe organizer in town, we can put you in the right direction and if needed, we can help to arrange those services that you require whether it is in or out of your home.