Because anything else is just not enough

Greek Islands

When sailing around the Greek Islands there is no doubt that you will find your inner Greek spirit. After exploring the hidden gems of the Aegean sea, there will be no better way to relax than to sit back and watch the stunning pink and purple sunsets that seems to set fire to the islands on the horizon.

The lost world: Halong bay

Thousands of islands rising from the emerald waters. The legend claims that a dragon created this unique place, now it is down to you to explore it and believe the story.

Cruise with Disney

Sail the sea's with Captain Mickey and the Disney crew. The family will be taken to magical places across the oceans and entertained with on board luxury restaurants and incredible spectacles.

French Polynesia

Sail into a world of shimmering waters and incredible scenery, made up of the most picturesque mountains and volcanoes. The crystal clear waters will inspire you to take a dip and discover the secrets of the reefs.


Explore the wildlife and the national parks of Alaska or just be stunned by the beautiful blue colour of the Hubbard Glacier. It may be chilly outside but the stunning scenery will make you forget that.